Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social media marketing is the art of publicizing and creating awareness about yourself, your products or business through social media avenues such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and many more. The aim being to pull through large traffic to your website to increase product awareness and thus gain more friends or followers and find possible clients to trade. Bart Beale share some important information Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners.

Why market through social media?

There are numerous reasons why you must advertise in social media platforms unlike traditional forms of advertising.

Social media platforms are one of the quickest ways to spread a message by word of mouth. A tweet can trend within few minutes of posting, unlike a TV advert that is unlike to be spoken of by many.

There is a great populace in the online community, and if tapped well this can lead to good business. Virtually most of the potential clients spend more time online.

Due to modernization, social media marketing is the new trend unlike the use of billboards, TV or radio. Get the people where they are.

To be a social media marketer, there are basic principles that should serve as a guide to your excellence in the field.

  1. Choose the social media platform to use

As a beginner, it is important to choose at least one or more platforms to market your content. Trying to use all the available media can lead to eventual quitting from the scene since that is overwhelming. To find the best try to analyze the best marketers in your niche and plunge in there too. Using an unpopular site in your niche also can be very lethal to you advancement.

  1. Create an optimized profile

Now after you have chosen your media, optimize the profile. This helps your visibility in search engines and helps get you more followers. Some of the must do’s are:

  • Include a link to your website in your profile and from the website to social media sites. Twitter and Pinterest have a website location; Facebook has a link location in the about section.
    • Write good content about yourself that will convince and maybe convert viewers of your profile to customers. Your background, achievements can help build interest of viewers.
    • A real photograph of your product or service shows the originality of what you offer.
  1. Follow people with great influence

The next step is to follow popular people in your niche of business to build your flood of followers also.

  1. Maintain followers

It’s necessary to keep your followers and it good to follow back those who have followed you. It’s good to maintain the balance between followers and those you are following as this builds confidence in followers. Isn’t it better to follow on with 12,300 followers and to follow 9,990 than following one with 35,000 followers following 55,000.

  1. Share best content and consistently

Let not your content not be any common stuff that can be got anywhere but special with its distinct scent. Ensure that your posts are consistent and in succession do not take days before you update your blog, tweet or post something on Facebook. Staying for weeks defeats because social media marketing.


For social media to effectively work, perseverance and patience are key. It will not work in one day or overnight, but steady progress, and the fruits are realized.


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